This is the story of Kotaz after he was killed by Frieza in the genocide of his race. This is how he came to be in otherworld and arrived on Earth.


The child awoke in a place with a giant ogre and souls all around. "WAKE THE HELL UP KID!" The boy shot up, "I'm up!" The kid looked around. His spiky hair sticking straight up as usual, but with stray hairs poking out in different directions. He fixes his hair quickly and looks at the ogre. "Where am I?" "You're in otherworld." The ogre replied as he stamped a paper. "Now get on your way to King Kai. Somehow you got recommended for this shit" The kid looked confused. "King Kai?"

"Damn it Kotaz! Do they not tell you anything on Vegeta." "How do you know my name?" "Don't ask, just head down snake way and get going." The ogre pointed to a path and Kotaz proceeded to walk to it. "NOW GO!" Kotaz jumped and started running. "Freaking otherworld. Sucks."

Chapter 1: Princess Who?

Kotaz stopped, slightly sweating. He looked down Snakeway, "Does this thing ever end?!" He just sighed and started walking. He soon came up on a house with a snake sticking out. "Totally not King Kai's..." All of a sudden the snake head open and sucked him. "WHAT THE-" The head of the snake closed cutting him off as he landed in a room. It had a dark colored carpet, a table, and walls of different colors. This woman walked up to him. She had bushy hair, wore a dress, and was blue-green skinned. 

"Who the hell are you lady?" The woman looked at him shocked. "I'm Princess Snake! How dare you!?" Kotaz laughed. "Whatever, have any food?" Princess Snake nodded and motioned to a table full of food. "AWESOME!" Kotaz ran over and started devouring the food. Princess Snake and her maids and servants watched shocked. Kotaz finished with a loud burp. "Hehe, not bad." He leaned back in his chair thinking.

The Princess walked over and her nose wrinkled. "You stink." Kotaz sniffed his armor. "Not really." He got up and started walking out when all of a sudden he passed out. "Servant, my dream mirror!" The princess yelled. Kotaz was laying on the ground snoring. Princess Snake held her Dream Mirror over Kotaz and could see his dreams. 

Kotaz walked over to his Dad and tapped him on the shoulder. "Dad?" His Dad turned around with his eyes blacker than the deepest abyss. Kotaz stepped back. "You're not my Dad!" He shot his "dad" with a Ki Blast but it was deflected by the imposter. The man walked up to Kotaz and raised his finger and a small ball of ki appeared. All of a sudden everything morphed to be Planet Vegeta and Kotaz was looking up at a small horned creature that was in space. The ball of ki suddenly became big and it smashed into the planet. Kotaz was engulfed in flames. "AAAAHHHHH!!"

Kotaz stirred and shot up sending the mirror flying out of Princess Snake's hands. "That's it!" Kotaz dashed off breaking through the wall of the building back onto Snakeway and started running at full speed. He ran as fast as he could. Not stopping for anything. "I must get there!"

Chapter 2: This is King Kai?

Kotaz was running, it was days after the events at Princess Snake's palace. "Hm?" Kotaz stopped and squinted, looking at something. "The end!?" He ran as fast as he could and skid to a stop at the end. "Yes! Now, where is King Kai's?" Kotaz looked around wondering. Then he spotted a small blue planet. "That must be it." He jumped and started flying towards it. All of a sudden there was a strong tug. "Whoo!" He went face first into the planet. He grunted and stood up. "It's the same gravity as Planet Vegeta. Cool." 

"You must be Kotaz, King Yemma told me about you." Kotaz spun around and got into his defensive position before punching the stranger across the face and slipping back into his stance. The pudgy, blue stranger flew through what appeared to be his house. "WHAT THE HELL!?" The man stood up. "I am King Kai! How dare you! Saiyans so rude."

Kotaz raised an eyerbow, "You're King Kai?" Kotaz started laughing. King Kai grunted, "Do not laugh at me! I am much stronger than you." Kotaz stopped laughing, "Prove it." King Kai then dissapeared. He reappeared in front of Kotaz. Kotaz was shocked and stepped back. All of a sudden King Kai sent him flying. He flew into the nearby tree and broke through it. 

Kotaz stood up, "Fine, you're King Kai." King Kai nodded, "Chase Bubbles." "Excuse me?" "If you can catch my pet monkey I'll train you." Kotaz just looked at the moneky and grinned. The monkey started sprinting and KOtaz chased. "I'll be done in no time!"