Alpha Wolf is the leader of the Winged Wolf race and the ruler of Howl Village.


He is an short old gray wolf with a bushy gray moustache. He wears a white shirt under a purple vest. He also
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Alpha Wolf trying to calm Bulla

wears a lavender tie and on top of all that, he wears a blue coat and wears glasses.


The Alpha Wolf is a strong leader and loves his town. Like his subjects, he is very perverted and will try to touch any beautiful girl that he sees. Other than that, he loves his people and would protect them from danger. He is also shown to be a coward.


He first was shown when Bulla was delivering a secret capsule to him. He also tried to get her to take a bath in is
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Alpha Wolf threatened by Steve

huge bath tub, but Steve almost killed him because he ran away.
Alpha Wolf

Alpha Wolf

-Leader, Alpha-

Race Winged Wolf
Gender male
Height 4'3
Weight 140
Residence Howl Village
Current Location Howl Palance
Occupation Ruler of Howl Village
Allegiance good
Likes girls, peeping at girls, his people and city
Dislikes Steve, being threatened
Family Drake -subject