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This Wikia was a safe-haven for all who needed an escape from the real world. Thank you to all of you who made it a wonderful place and if anyone finds this. will again form a group of people and make it their own home. From all of us past members of Anime Arts Wiki! Please enjoy your stay~

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Venus is short with a curvaceous figure. She has fair skin,short red hair, and deep blue eyes.She often wears her uniforms but dresses casual when needed to.


Venus is a ruthless, arrogant, and serious woman who can be a borderline psychopath. She's usually focused and quite manipulative using everything to achieve her goals. However, she tends to show her motherly side with animals and small children. Despite being serious, she often enjoys jokes and roasting others. ( more)

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Message from BullaBrief101:

I'm BullaBrief101 aka Bulla. I am known as the "Goddess of the Wiki" or BOSS cause I started the Wiki, but without my friends everything right now wouldn't have happened and I thank you all :). Anyways, I'll be on chat most of the time or if you need anything please pm me or leave a message on my talk page Adios!~

Message from Miricle1778:

Hey, I'm Miricle1778, aka 'Miri' by others. I am an admin on this wiki. I am also mostly seen on chat. If I'm NOT on chat and something goes wrong, don't be afraid to leave me a message on my talk page. Hope you have a great time on the Anime Arts wiki!

Message from XVander:

Hi! I'm Sarah, or Vander, or Aida if you wanna get fancy. I'm sarcastic, kind, and I make a lot of jokes, but I'll get mature if I have to. Thanks for joining and talk to me if you got questions. (;

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"No one cares bout dat hoe" -User:XVander

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