Blaze (火災; Kasai) is the main RP character of Blaze. Not to be confused with This Blaze.


He has bright blue eyes, and light blonde hair. He stands at about 6'3, but some measurements show that he could have grown to 6'4. He is seen wearing a blue ninja headband. He wears a white jacket with a purple inside color. There are times when he doesn't wear his headband, but he considers it a broken tradition to his culture. When he was younger, he did not wear the headband, and his hair was yellowish-white. His aging make his hair become more golden in appearance.

Young Blaze

Blaze as a young boy. LOOK HOW CUTE HE IS xP


He is an extremely laid back 23 year old that appears to have a very large favor in females. He can get really serious when things come into play, as well deadly and strategic. He is also a very humorous guy, and he tends to make his friends laugh a lot. He can become bipolar at times, but he has learned to control that at will.


Blaze was born on November 30, 1990 to his unknown parents and his five unknown older brothers. His grandfather was murdered in 1989 after a drive-by, and his father died in 2002 after a reaction to all of the alcohol he drunk. In 2011, his mother died of stress and overwork of heart, and from then he had to take care of himself and his 18 year old sister Toph.

Blaze, Age 23

-Fire, Balze, Blaze-sensei, Blaze-san-

Race Human
Gender Male
Date of birth November 30, 1990 (23)
Date of death N/A
Height 6'3
Weight 144 lbs.
Residence Drake Mansion
Current Location Drake Mansion
Occupation Badass killer
Allegiance Good
Likes Girls, Lesbians, Sex, Movies, Cartoons, Animes, Guns, War, Vodka, Beer, Wine, Pipes, Drugs, Friends
Dislikes Horiam, Ho Jr., Kami, DJ
Family Unknown parents (missing)
Controlled By Blaze