This house was created by Capsule Corp, but is now

owned and decorated by Bulla.
Capsule house by javas-d58apka

Bulla's house


The house is said to be fifty minutes away from West City and is somewhere in the grasslands. Bulla moved out of Capsule Corp and into here after she graduated from high school. The place looks bigger on the inside and has several different rooms.


  • Bulla's bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • living room
  • Bathroom (in Bulla's room)
  • dining room
  • Steve's room
  • bathroom (Steve's room)
  • guestrooms (x3)                                                                                                                 
    • Bulla's bedroom
    • living room
    • Lab
    • Kitchen
    • Pool
    • Bulla in her room thinking
    • Bar
    • Sauna
    • Bathroom (Bulla's)
    • bathroom
    • Garden
    • Dining Room
    • Steve's bedroom
    • Steve's bathroom
  • basement
  • bar
  • lab
  • Sauna
  • garage


  • garden
  • pool


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