This is an article about Bulla's relationships with the people she meets.

Love Interests


Steve and Bulla do have a complex relationship. She first thought that he was a thief after he stole her dragonballs in the desert, but they started to work together on finding them. She even let him have the first wish. Through their adventures, Bulla has had a crush on Steve. She does often get annoyed with his pranks, but deeply inside, she finds them hilarious. They also had a baby boy named John. She's glad that she met him and they are now engaged to each other. Steve can be a jerk, but he's Bulla's jerk. They are now husband and wife, they had some troubles but usually sort them out at the end. They'll be there for ech other whenever one of them is feeling down. They later had a daughter name Jill.



Bulla adores her son and will do anything to protect him. She constantly dotes on him and taught him how to walk and potty trained him.. She's notice that he's growing up and will soon be ready for school.


Jill is Bulla's daughter and she loves her very much. The two are close, but it seems like Jill loves her hang out with her father more. She is more of a daddy's girl just like her mom Bulla.

Future John

F.John is Bulla's 20 yr. old son from the future. She finds him to be mysterious in many ways. She even learned about the time machine from him.

Future Jill

F.Jill snuck into the time machine to meet her past mother. Bulla will always answer whatever question Jill asks her and will always be there for her.

Future Steve

The two get along well, but sometimes he can be annoying, but he also works in mysterious ways.

Future Bulla

With F.Bulla, she is like a big sister who you can talk to.



Koakuma is a college roommate/best friend of Bulla's. The two still keep in touch and love to hang out with each other. Whenever Koakuma is angry at her, Bulla usually erases her anger with a McRib.


Miricle "Miri" is a really good friend from high school. Despite Bulla constantly throwing her out of the window, they really do care for each other and love to hang out at each other's houses. They even made crap cookies to make fun of Horiam.


Bulla first thought that Lau was a careless pedestrian, but they soon became friends after Bulla helped him recover. She wants to help him however she can especially with capturing other Lau copies.


Nikad is a new friend that Bulla made. Bulla first appeared at his house and stole his money, but he returned it and realized that he's a great friend and cool to be around. 


Kotaz is a friend of Bulla's, but their relationship is somewhat complicated. Bulla first met him when Kotaz was talking to her father, Vegeta. Bulla always thought that Kotaz was always stressed out, she tried to relax but failed. She always thought that he was always angry, but he has showed some kindness to her and her son and daughter. She even knows a few secrets about him. It is also revealed that he has feelings for her.


Astral usually hangs out with her when the gang is at her house. Bulla often thinks of him as a stalker because he knows so much about her and she didn't know him. Despite this, Bulla thinks that he's the wisest person she ever met and often asks him questions when she needs guidance.


Malestorm is a good friend of Bulla. He does like to mess around with her, but despite that, he really cares for her and she feels the same way.


Bulla let him stay at her house until Josh can get back on his feet. First, she thought of him as a huge pervert because he would always try to peep on her or get into her underwear draws. He's learned that his perverted ways are wrong and started to mature. The two are now good friends who like hanging out at each other's places with friends.


Bulla doesn't know him very well, but she thinks he's a cool guy to hang around with.



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