The School Building

Central City Elementary is an elementary school located in Central City. Central City Elementary is associated with Central City Middle School. Central City Elementary can hold up to 900 children.



3rd Grade homeroom teacher

The school starts at 9:00 am but ends at 4:00pm. The school is popular and has a good educational system. There are no buses, so the parents/legal guardians will have to drop/pick up their kid. The school has Kindergarten-5th grade classes. The teachers are shown to be tougher than others. There's also an art teacher, gym teacher, band teacher, and many more. The School also has recess after lunch so the kids can have fun after a morning of work then its back to class. You
Little pink dino by meago-d2yu7gt

Kids working on art

can also order lunches like hot dogs, hamburgers, and etc.

The school has many events like concerts and sport games. Also, there is a 5th grade graduation the students go to before moving on to middle school.

Known Students