Charcoal (木炭) is Koakuma's pet bat.



Charcoal has shot, slick grey fur, with long wings. She also has large, dangerous fangs, willing to anytime pierce though anyone's skin, except her friends/owner.


  • Pierce: Charcoal dives in at the speed of light, and bites her enemy's heart.
  • Push And Pull: Charcoal wraps her wings around the enemy's neck, and tugs with all her might, choking the enemy.
  • The Razor: Charcoal swings in by the enemy, brings out her claws, and flies close to the enemy, goes in a spiral, leaving cuts everywhere.

Human form

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Charcoal's human form

Charcoal gets hit on a lot because of her human form. She has transform any time and likes to go on modercycle-rides around town. Charcoal is very seductive and can get any guys' attention. Charcoal is somewhat les for Kuma because she sees her nude a lot, since she's her pet bat.