Charlie (チャーリー Chārī) Is the cat of Miricle. Charlie is 2 months old.


Charlie is a very small kitten. He has white fur and beautiful brown eyes. He is very soft and he often wears a white colar with a bowtie given by Miricle. He is still wearing it this very day.


Charlie is a very sweet, playful, and shy kitten. Charlie doesn't bite or scratch. Charlie is very supportive with Miricle. Although, Charlie is a little perveted when he sneeks in the bathroom watching Miricle taking a shower and purring. Also sneeking in Miricle's bedroom watching her change clothes.

Human Form

In Charlie's human form, he has white hair and brown eyes, he sometimes have red eyes. He likes to keep his shirt unbuttoned for Miricle. Also, to tell her that she can touch him whenever she wants. He often likes to turn into a human just to talk to Miricle and keep her company. Charlie has never gone outside in his human form because he doesn't want to deal with girls chasing him.  He sometimes has short hair, although, he does not like having the short hair because he thinks he looks like a loser. He's seductive almost all the time.          



"Aw c'mon Miri, I know you want this. ;)"

"You. Me. Bed. Now" Charlie usually telling Miri when she's sleepy.

"I can makes your panties wet, either way."


  • Charlie is actually based off of Miricle1778's cat in real life.
  • Miricle1778's cat is actually named Charlie in real life.


Cutekitty 3143045
Race Cat
Gender Male
Date of birth March 1st
Height Cat-- 1'3

Human-- 5'10

Residence Miricle's House
Current Location Miricle's House
Occupation Playing
Allegiance Good
Likes Playing, sleeping, watching Miricle change clothes and taking a shower, Miricle, eating, seeing new things
Dislikes Seafood, outside, strangers, Mars, Dogs
Family Miricle- Owner
Controlled By Miricle1778