Battle 1: Vegeta vs Goku

Vegeta: Sup Kakarot? I’m a royal saiyan, you’re a just a low class punk. You might be strong, but at least I have the balls to kill someone. You have to go Super Saiyan to even fight back. And your, wife, she’s got no rack.

Goku: Royal Saiyan? More like royal pain in the ass. You can’t even reach up to the height of Krillin’s ass. You midget, you can’t even get a girls digits. The only girl you ever got was Bulma, and she named your kids after bras and boxers. And you, you lost to Frieza, Cell, Buu, and even Zarbon. How does it feel Vegeta to have never been number one?

Vegeta: *goes Super Saiyan* I AM THE PRINCE OF ALL SAIYANS! Your father was just as weak as you! Died once and lost all of your family and friends! Your wife looks older than prunes! And you act like you’re on shrooms!

Mr. Popo: Bitch shut up! I could beat both your asses with a hand. I own Shenron and Dende too. I control Earth, you just don’t know it. You could’ve ruled beside me Goku, but you blew it! You both are as weak as that maggot Krillin. Now head home, cause me and my homie Shenron be chillin!


Battle 2: Goten vs Trunks

Goten: Hey Trunks, wanna play!?

Trunks: What game?

Goten: Pwn the little whiny Saiyan’s Ass! Trunks, you may be a year older and stronger, but I make up most of Gotenks, my Dad is the strongest, and Videl is better at disses than you!

Trunks: Oh yeah!? Well I got two characters. Mirai and me! And guess what, in the end, I went Super Trunks. So what if I’m named after underwear, at least I am not a clone of my dumb-ass dad!

Goten: Well, I got the girls, you’re just a nerd. So, this friendship is over, I’m kicking you to the curb. Oh yeah, just for the fans, I banged your sis. Now just try and diss!

Trunks: You banged my sis!? Hah, I banged your niece, and my sis probably has you on a leash! And don’t lie, you know you’re gay for me, but I pray that you will never kiss me. Just stick to kissing girls’ asses, while I am becoming a multi-millionaire inventing capsules.