He is very adorable and sweet, but he's also very lecherous.


He is an adorable small winged wolf with big blues eyes and luscious gray fur. He also wears a blue collar that Bulla gave him to show her ownership of him.


Drake is a sweet little guy who can be mischievous. He likes to eat (mostly meat) a lot. He also likes to get lots of attention, especially from women. He also is very lecherous and has a secret desire to make Bulla his girl ( and also to have his way with her) , for example: peeping on Bulla when she's in the hot springs or taking a shower/bath. He tries to snuggle up with any beautiful woman that he meets. He tries to hide his lecherous side with the cuteness of his big blue eyes. Only one person can see his lecherous ways. He's also very lazy and hates going outside for walks. He also has a hatred for cats. It is also revealed that he can talk, and often is very sarcastic when around Steve.


Hot guy

Drake's human transformation "Joe"

Drake has a  handsome human transformation. He has blue hair and blue eyes. He has a seductive and charming personality and a lot of girls are attracted to him, however Bulla is the only girl who hasn't fallen for him, which is a shock for everyone. He tried to get in the hot springs when Bulla was in there with Steve only to try to charm Bulla and get her to touch him only for that plan to fail.



Drake loves Bulla and often thinks of her as his dream girl. She bought him at the pet store and ever since, she has been the main target of his perverted schemes He tries to snuggle with her and often spies on her when she's stripping or taking a bath as much as he can. He also loves her cooking and also the dog food that she buys.


Steve is the only one who could see through Drake's lecherous schemes. They do not get along very well, and Steve once locked him in the cage to prevent him from spying on Bulla while she's getting a massage in her backyard.


Getting Adopted and vs. Steve

Drake was bought at the Central City Pet Store by Bulla. She bought him because he was the one hugging onto her leg, which Bulla thought it was cute, so she picked him. His main role is to be the lecherous house pet. Ever since he saw him hugging her leg, Steve showed hatred for the wolf. Drake was once shown peeping on Bulla while she was only wearing a towel while getting a massage outside. Steve locked him up for this, then Bulla unlocked him from his cage, oblivious to what he did.

Drake drugged Steve and Bulla's drink, which made them sleepy. Bulla went upstairs to her room to lay down. Drake follows her, intending to have his way with her unconscious body, until Steve found him about to achieve his goal and was beaten up by him. Steve later told her everything that Drake tried to do, then Bulla gave Drake to someone that has more in common with him (Master Roshi).

Drake's Return

Drake returns unexpectedly to be with Bulla, much to Steve's annoyance. He even once tried to use his shape shifting powers to change into Steve to seduce her, which failed because the real Steve was with her and Drake forgot to put a scar on his face. Bulla fed him a pill, which makes Drake chases his tail every time she says "doggy".

Operation: Seduce

Drake has been trying non stop to seduce his dream girl, but his plans are constantly foiled by Steve. He was tremendously devastated when he found out that Bulla was Steve's fiancé, he even tried to bring Steve back his painful memories and tells him that he didn't deserve her, which angered Bulla and she threw him out the window. He is in an unknown place.


"You're right...I'm an animal..make me a man ;)"

"Just one kiss"

"'re a goddess...I must serve you in "any" WAY ;)"


"If I wanted to go outside I would transform into Joe for V hunting"

"I must turn into a baby to get some of Bulla's leche ._."


  • flight
  • shape shifting
  • super jaws- he can chew through almost anything
  • Lust Claws
  • Past Reader


  • User:BullaBrief101 was about to name him Roshi (Master Roshi) because Drake and Roshi are both perverts.
  • Future Steve eventually came back to the past to kill him so he couldnt do something naughty ;)
Winged Wolf Cub Color by feELwiCKed922

-Lecher Wolf-

Race Winged Wolf
Gender Male
Weight 175 lbs
Residence Central City
Current Location Bulla's House (Central City)
Occupation pet
Allegiance neutral
Likes Bulla , peeping on Bulla, meat, flying, attention from beautiful women
Dislikes Steve, his perverted plans faling, seafood
Family Bulla -owner

John -owner



Alpha Wolf-king

Controlled By User: BullaBrief101