Future Drake is the future counterpart of Drake.


This Drake is now a grown Winged Wolf with gray fur and blue wolf like eyes. He also wears a collar.


Not much is known about Future Drake, because Future Steve killed him before anyone could know him. One thing though, he is afraid of Steve and is still a pervert which is why he wanted to kill him.


Bulla first saw Future Drake walking in her house because he accidently went into the Time Machine.

Future Drake
Winged wolf

-Drake, pervert-

Race Winged Wolf
Gender Male
Date of death killed by Future Steve
Height (32–34 in) in shoulder height
Weight 100-160 pounds
Residence Future Central City
Current Location Otherworld
Occupation pet
Allegiance Neutral
Likes anything Drake likes
Dislikes Steve
Family Drake -past counterpart
Controlled By User:BullaBrief101