Jill has a tender appearance with milky colored skin like her mother when she was younger. She also has brown hair like her father and blue eyes. She wears her mother's red signature outfit when she was younger except its green. She wears a green hairband and golden hoop earrings.


Jill has a spunky personality, and will not let anyone stand in her way. Although under that spunk, she really is a nice
Jill 2 copy

Jill outside of Bulla's house

and friendly person. She's also eager to please and also a "daddy's girl" to Steve like calling him the "best guy in the world". She also has a temper. Jill also has a desire to date someone, much to Steve's annoyance, but Bulla told her to wait till she's older (while Steve told her to wait till she's 100). She loves to shop and text as well


Jill is the second child of Bulla and Steve. It is unknown when she was born, but she time traveled back to save her mother at the age 10

Medicine Delivery

Jill was first shown sneaking around the gravity chamber where Steve and Nikad were training at. After chasing her for a while then catching her, Jill finally told her father and Nikad who she was and why she was here. She finally met her mother and explained everything to her. Bulla drank the medicine while Jill tried to answer as many questions as possible about their futures.

Jill never wanted to leave, but Bulla told her that she had to or her future self will get worried. Jill understand all that and hugged her parents goodbye, heading back to the future.

Searching For Boyfriend

Jill returned to the past to search for her boyfriend. She tried her best to avoid her father, because she knew he wouldn't let her date. He eventually found out about her 'friend' and wanted to kill him. She found him first at her mom's house and warned him. It was revealed that Jill's boyfriend was a player, and had over three hundred girls' numbers and often texts them flirty messages. Steve and Nikad killed him in the process. Bulla comforted her daughter telling her that there's "one for everyone". Jill started to feel better about herself and they hugged. She returned to the future after the conversation.

Future Jill Brief


Race 3/4 saiyan 1/4 human
Gender female
Date of birth unknown
Height 5'0"
Weight secret
Residence Central City
Current Location unknown (Possibly Bulla's House (Central City)
Allegiance good
Likes family, friends, shopping, time traveling, her phone
Dislikes idiots
Family Future Bulla (mother),Future Steve (father),Future John (brother),Future Drake (pet)
Controlled By User:BullaBrief101
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