Future John is the Saiyan and Human mixed son of Future Bulla and Future Steve. He comes from the future where his father was always sick from a cold. He used a time machine created by his mother to bring his father the medicine.


John is a tall handsome young man with spiky brown hair and blue eyes, like his father. He usually wears a red capsule logo jacket with a black tee shirt underneath. He wears dark blue jeans and black with a red design gym shoes.


John is pretty competitive; especially with his dad. He does like to joke around; he won't let anyone stand in his way. He also has a respectful side which is shown with his mom and sometimes his dad.


Delivering the Medicine

John used his mother's time machine to give Steve medicine after he catches a cold. His mom thought he was only stranger but he revealed to her his true identity. His father, however, found out for himself. After returning the medicine he returned to the future to go to a party to spend time with friends.

Wedding and Searching for Bulla

Future John attended his parents' wedding, his father sent him to get food. He congratulated them on their relationship and hoped for the best for them. He grabbed food then quickly returned to the future to serve his father.

John returned to the past one night, he sensed that his mother was gone. It was revealed that she swam to an island of cats and they made her their queen. John was kidnapped and beaten down by the cats, but when Bulla was furious for them hurting her son, they took care of him. When Steve saved Bulla, John was fully restored back to health. He reminded his father to take care of his mother. He returned the future safely to tell his mother everything.

Future John was mentioned again by his little sister. He was in charge of babysitting her but she snuck into the time machine. Italic text

Future John Brief
Handsome anime guys painted by Clamp 2

-Johny, Future John, Mirai John-

Race 3/4 Saiyan, 1/4 human
Gender Male
Height 6'1
Weight 170 lbs.
Residence Central City
Current Location unknown Possibly Bulla's House (Central City)
Occupation training
Allegiance good
Likes his family, food, sports, flying, training
Dislikes evil
Family John (past self) Future Bulla (mother), Future Steve (father), Future Drake (pet), Bulla (mother, past) Steve (father, past) Future Jill (sister)
Controlled By User:BullaBrief101
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