Future Koakuma looks pretty much the same as her younger self, but is much more mature and brave. She has waist length, red hair, and red eyes. When she was 19, she threw away her old clothes from her childhood and moved on. She wears only armor, and is rarely seen in anything else.


Future Koakuma is a very mature, 26-year-old adult. She has a brave attitude, and is very motivating. She likes to train and visit her friends as much as possible. Koakuma gave up searching for Chrom and the charm and moved on in life, hoping to find someone else who loved her like he did.

Future Koakuma
Tiamo Portrait

-Kuma, Kokoa, The Sword By Your Side-

Race Devil/Human hybrid
Gender Female
Weight 115 lbs
Residence Koakuma's House
Current Location Koakuma's House
Occupation Unknown
Family No one currently.
Controlled By LukaCat