Gravity Chamber
Gravity machine
Some attributes
First Alternate Name: Gravity Room
Second Class: Training room
Third Users:
Other attributes
Gravity Chambers are devices invented by Dr. Brief to help the Z Fighters train under more powerful gravity in order to become stronger and raise their power levels. The machines allow the user to train under Earth's gravity multiplied by a certain number.


Bulla now builds more advanced gravity chambers to help her friends train to get stronger. These gravity rooms have more options for gravity along with more rooms and bigger space. Steve once over trained and blew these up when he was at Capsule Corp.

Nikad also uses them to train under Steve's coaching. Hikari Minato,Josh, and even Koakuma use them to train in their goals to get stronger.

Blowing up gravity chambers

Blowing up gravity chmabers cause significant damge to the person inside causing them to be bedwritten for weeks or even months