Harry AA



Controlled by:

User:Paranoia Echo


Friends, family and all the other cliche stuff


Pain and the other cliche stuff

Harry is the RP character of User:Paranoia Echo, he is a 19 year old human from the planet earth and works as a mafia boss in the east ditrict of Central City.


Though his appearance does not show it, Harry is a very cunning human being. He manipulates people to do as he pleases through threats (men) or his good looks (female). He has been told by many people that he is a dispicable human being and Harry just ends up killing them via torture. Despite this, Harry is very kind to his friends and enjoys harmless banter with them. He feels lonely at some points.


Harry has light blonde hair and blue-violet eyes. He wears the standard Ouran High School male uniform. He often uses his good-looks to win over women and is considered an expert host. He seems to gain most of his looks from his French mother's side. Harry has changed his appearance many times depending on what the AA's theme is.