John is the son of Bulla and Steve. He is also the brother of Jill.


John was an adorable baby boy with light brown hair and blue eyes.


As a baby, John has a adorable personality always being doted on by his mother. He can detect evil for some reason, for example when he barfed on a guy who constantly flirts with Bulla, because he was trying to make moves on her. John also gets fussy time to time; especially when his grandfather, Vegeta, shows his grumpy face or when his father yells. John also hates the idea about getting a new sibling to add to the family.


Infant Years

John was born in West City's hospital; he's the son of Bulla and Steve. He mostly spends the time being doted on by his mother; he is paid little attention by his father, Steve; who never wanted to be a father. He also barfed on a guy who constantly flirts with Bulla (he can detect evil). He's also getting closer to his father and vise versa. His first word was "dad."

The Years

John spent his time as a student in Central City Elementary. He often loves spending time with his father, Steve and exercising. His favorite food was quesadillas which was once revealed at Mama Peppeh. John also played sports all his life trained by his father. John also becomes a gentleman thanks to his mother, yet acts immature at times.

John now attends West City University like his sister to study science. He also plays basketball on their team.

Future John

Main article: Future John

John kid copy

Kid John


  • Despite being a baby, John is shown to detect evil
  • John will possibly strongly resemble his father's looks when he's older.
  • John's eye color is the same as his mother's (the blue color is a bit lighter than Steve's.)
  • John loves video games.


John Brief
John kid copy

-John, ジョン-

Race 3/4 Saiyan, 1/4 human
Gender Male
Height 32 inches
Weight 23 lbs
Residence Central City
Current Location Bulla's House (Central City)
Allegiance Good
Likes his parents, playing
Dislikes Vegeta's grumpy face, his dad yelling
Family Bulla (mother), Steve (father), Future John (future self) , Drake (pet)
Controlled By User:Stevenduncan17
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