Kai Jungle
Some attributes
First Location: 50 minute drive from West City
Second Description: a beautiful luscious jungle.
Third Unknown
Other attributes

Kai Jungle is a role-playing area, it is a beautiful yet a vicious jungle.

The jungle is beautiful and lush and huge. The jungle is divided into two areas; one side is beautiful, luscious, and calm. The other side is dark, mysterious and wild beasts live in there. Legend has it that the Kais watch over the jungle and control whatever happens. Animals of all kinds live are inhabitants in the jungle.


Bulla and Steve went into the jungle to retrieve a dragonball. It was located in the swamp and Steve dived in there to retrieve it. The jungle also has a beautiful waterfall where they went swimming in the lake. Bulla found another dragonball in a cave behind a waterfall.

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