Kiki is Darion's pet Nekomata.


Kiki is a nice nekomata that will protect her owner no matter what. She likes many different things. When in her pure form she is vicious though, and a ruthless killer.


Kiki has all the markings of a nekomata but her tails have light purple tips. It is unknown why that is.


Kiki was abandoned by her owner when first born. She wandered the woods for a while. Slowly dying, at the age of 1 Kid Darion found her. Darion fed her and went on his way. Kiki followed him for miles until Darion finnally gave in and adopted her as his companion.


  • Flight (Only in pure form)
  • Fire Breath (Only in Pure Form)
  • Pure Form- Her pure nekomata form in which her feet are surrounded by fire and she can fly. WITHOUT WINGS!




Race Nekomata
Gender Female
Date of birth ???
Date of death ???
Height 1'2" or 10'4"
Weight 10 lbs or 200 lbs
Residence ???
Current Location With Darion
Occupation Helping Darion
Allegiance ???
Likes Darion, Cat Food, Fish, Flying, Having Fun
Dislikes People who hurt Darion, Demons
Family Owner: Darion
Controlled By Maroyasha