Kotaz is the former RP character of Maroyasha


Kotaz is smart, funny, charming, and witty. He is somewhat mean though and keeps to himself. He can be caring and nice, however, so long as one does not get on his bad side.



Kotaz seen during the rare occasion of him smiling

Kotaz was thirteen when his home planet of Vegeta was destroyed. He was sent to Other World and lived there for over twenty years. Now he is back, somehow. King Yemma merely told him he was wished back by a masked man, and now Kotaz searches his purpose of being back. Kotaz also has a great deal of untapped power. He can only achieve this power through anger.

Early Life

Kotaz was born on Planet Vegeta when it was still ruled by the evil tyrant, Frieza. Knowing his goal in life, Kotaz asked his father to train him to be strong enough to destroy Frieza once he was old enough. Kotaz trained for his thirteen, close to fourteen years of life, until Frieza destroyed Planet Vegeta. Kotaz and his family were all killed in the blast.
Surging Explosion

Training As A Kid

Other World Awaits

Kotaz awoke on an unknown planet after the destruction of planet Vegeta. A small blue man, a monkey, and a grasshopper(?) greeted him. Kotaz immediately punched the blue man through his house. Kotaz discovered the man was King Kai. King Kai requested for Kotaz to tell him a joke. Kotaz's joke was: Why are the inhabitants of Planet Meat extinct? Their planet was destroyed due to rabid animals." King Kai accepted the joke and began training Kotaz. Kotaz learned few moves, but learned one major thing, that being the Kaio-ken technique. King Kai trained Kotaz for ten years and then sent him to meet the Supreme Kai.

Meeting Supreme Kai

An extremely nervous Kotaz made his way to meet Supreme Kai. Upon arriving on the planet of the Kais, Kotaz was immediately attacked by Kibito, the Supreme Kai's bodyguard. After attempting to fight Kibito and losing, Kotaz stormed off and got lost. Supreme Kai found him and talked to Kotaz about what the training would be like. Kotaz reluctantly agreed and began training for another excruciating ten years or more. The exact number is unknown.
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Kotaz Firing A Galick Gun

Wished Back

While training with Supreme Kai, Kotaz started to disappear. He appeared on another unknown planet. He was in a highly wooded area, and all that could be seen was a giant dragon, which immediately disappeared simultaneously as these orbs flew off in different directions. He had no idea what was happening, but he checked his scouter records and learned that the planet was called Earth. Kotaz declared it his new home, and swore to protect it.  He currently lives in his house/cabin in the woods.

Kotaz After Killing Nikad

Training On Mars

Kotaz trained on Mars for two Earth months, which is the equivalent of four Mars months. He almost killed himself multiple times, but he became able to use Kaio-Ken up to four times its usual power. He trained, pushing beyond his limits, and all but destroying Mars in the process. He has currently returned to Earth and is ready to fight.

Training on Mars

Prince Kotaz!?

Kotaz was informed by Vegeta that his mother was a princess on Planet Vegeta, but she married a low class Saiyan, Topazo. He was also told that he had to fight Steve, because one of them needs to win to have Bulla as their princess. Kotaz didn't want to fight, but he was forced to.

In This Case, Father Knows Best.

Kotaz was angered one day, and Topazo finally showed up. Kotaz seemed happy for once, and had a long conversation with his father about life on Earth and what to do for training. Kotaz and his father said they would both see each other soon and then Topazo left. Kotaz left that conversation with a lot of advice.

Gogi Takes His Place

Kotaz left one day and suddenly a mysterious man named Gogi appeared. He is a friend of Topazo and Kotaz's. So now, Kotaz is no longer seen.


  • Great Ape (equal to Kaio-Ken x1)
  • Kaio-Ken to Kaio-Ken 6(Equal to 7/10 False SSJ)


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During The Fight With Nikad

Basic (3)

Kotaz Kamehameha

Kotaz Firing A Kamehameha

  • Ki Blast
    Galick gun

    Firing A Glick Gun

  • Destructo Disk
  • Dodompa

Intermediate (2)

  • Galick Gun
  • Kamehameha

Strong (1)

  • Double Galick Cannon

Other (6)

  • Flight
  • Zenkai
  • Power Ball
  • Ki Sense
  • Afterimage
  • Telepathy


  • Broken Saiyan Pod
  • Scouter
  • Saibamen Seed Things
  • Saiyan Armor
  • Saiyan Training Gear


Vegeta buu saga
Race Saiyan
Gender Male
Date of birth February 27th
Height 5'10"
Weight 117lbs
Residence Home In The Mountains
Current Location Earth
Occupation Training
Allegiance Himself
Likes Food, Fighting, Kicking Ass, Getting Stronger
Dislikes Losing, Not Being As Strong As His Rivals, Spicy Foods
Family Topazo- Father

Bulla- Friend Steve- Rival Nikad- Acquaintance Zatok- Evil Counterpart

Controlled By Maroyasha
Pure-blooded Saiyans KotazMidori PhénixSteve/Future SteveEthanTopazoSamZatok/Future Zatok
Hybrid Saiyans Bulla/Future BullaJohn/Future JohnNikadJoshJill/Future JillDebbyGogi
Gravity room Kotaz has trained in the Gravity Room

Theme Songs

Limp Bizkit - Behind Blue Eyes lyrics

Limp Bizkit - Behind Blue Eyes lyrics

Kotaz's Theme

Beastie Boys - Sabotage

Beastie Boys - Sabotage

Kotaz's Battle Theme

Tool - Aenema

Tool - Aenema

Kotaz's Kaio-Ken Theme