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The Picture For This Story

 Kotaz's Unwritten History: Planet Vegeta

Author: Maroyasha

Editor: Maroyasha

Illustrator: Maroyasha

Translated From The Saiyan Language By: Unknown


It was a normal day when that lizard-faced creep landed. They say his name was Frieza, but by the time this is being read, his name will hopefully be forgotten. If it isn't, then good luck whoever is reading this. This story is written by me, Topazo. I'm a regular saiyan warrior, wife and son. My wife isn't important cause this story is about my son. Kotaz is his name. And this will be a recording of his rise upwards in life. From the beginning of his life, to the end of mine. I hope you'll follow me through this journey.

Chapter 1: Kotaz's Life Begins

So, I see you've kept reading. That's nice. Well, Kotaz is now around 2 weeks old. His power level, 27. Pretty good for a newborn. Everyday Frieza's reign gets stronger upon our planet of Vegeta. Kotaz's life will not be easy, but it seems to me like me and my wife will at least be able to take care of him. I am truly relieved that he will not be sent to another planet like some of the other newborns. He oddly looks like Prince Vegeta who was also just born not long ago. If Kotaz is anything like me, he'll figure out a way to use his looks to get something. My wife says that he shouldn't fight, and be one of those passive Saiyans. By that she means he'll just grow to be weak and be nothing of a fighter. The day my son doesn't want to fight will be the day I die. Which hopefully, will not be soon. But I Topazo, must bid you farewell, until the next entry of this journey. ~Chapter 1 Fin~

Chapter 2: Almost Lost

If you're reading this, know that I have very little time. I am writing this before shipping out. But today, Kotaz was almost chosen to be sent to a planet called E-Arth. But they are saving the planet for a more lower PL saiyan baby. I am glad my son is as strong as he is. It seems this chapter will be short, I shall see you soon. Topazo out. ~Chapter 2 Fin~

Chapter 3: 6 Months Old

I lost this journal a while back and have just found it. Kotaz is now 6 months old, and his PL is around 40 now.The other day he almost blew up the entire kitchen when he tried using energy for the first time. It was quite funny. But my wife had a freak out. Which was even funnier. As I am writing this, Kotaz is beginning to crawl. His energy skills are advancing much faster than a usual child also. He might outdo me before he is 10 at this rate. Now I must go tend to my son. I Topazo say goodbye for now. ~Chapter 3 Fin~

Chapter 4: House Explosion

Topazo here again. The other day Kotaz tried to fire a ki beam and the house ended up blowing up. My wife was in complete shock while my face was covered in black sut. Kotaz just started laughing and drolling. So now, we have to build a new house. See ya later. ~Chapter 4 Fin~

Chapter 5: Mission 1

Kotaz is one years old now and I was told I must bring him on a mission with me. So I am. We are going to a far away planet. Planet Exilos. Its inhabitants are strong. This will be a great test for Kotaz. I will report back when we are done.