Lau is about 6'0" and weighs 180 pounds. He has a large black afro and white eyes. He is dark skinned and wears blue and black gi.


Lau is a nice fellow, he always has a smile on his face. He is calm and not easily angered.


Lau is from the LSD galaxy. There is only one race that lives in this galaxy and LSD fuels them. Lau was born in this galaxy. Not much is know about Lau's family. He decided to leave to live a new life on Earth. he always brings a large bottle with him with LSD for energy for fighting enemies. This much power isn't enough. He is only at full power when he is at his galaxy. After moving to Earth, he has fit well with other people. He has gotten interested in the world of science and became a scientist. He has been fascinated by a sea star's regeneration abilities, so did an experiment on himself to make himself similar to a sponge, giving him regeneration abilities. He gained the ability to grow limbs and his removed limbs can grow a new body. Every now and then he leaves Earth to refill his bottle with LSD, but never stayed in the galaxy. He calls Earth his new home.

Lau was strolling down the street when all of a sudden.......... BOOM! He was hit by Bulla's car. She helped him destroy all of his other copies. A few days later, Lau met Nikad and trained in the hyperbolic time chamber with him. Lau has had a bunch of good times with his friends. From going to restaurants to going to casinos, they have had many adventures indeed.

Lau has learned about the Dragon Balls and didn't get a wish yet. He has always wanted a wish but for some reason he never shared what it was. He was told by Future Jill that he was going to become a rapper named "Lau the G." After suffering from an unknown illness, a wish was made by Nikad to cure him from his sickness. Nikad offered him the 2nd wish. Lau wished for his planet to be returned, which was destroyed, revealing the wish he so very wanted. He was told by Future Jill that he would later be a rapper named "Lau the G." After his planet was restored, he decided that there was nothing left for him on Earth, so he left in his ship, new improved by Bulla.

A year later, he came back due to Jill telling him about his future as a lyricist. But for now, he works in the circus, performing juggle moves with softballs, knives, and even chainsaws!


  • Regeneration
  • LSD Blasts


Love Interests





  • Miricle-Lau is friends with Miri.
  • Nikad-Lau hasn't known Nikad for too long but they are already good friends. They are training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber together
  • Bulla-Lau and Bulla are pretty good friends. She has cooked for him a few times and takes care of him when she hits him with her vehicles (which is almost every time).
  • Mars- '-'
  • Steve-They are okay with each other and have a little bit of a rivalry.
  • Drake-Drake likes to annoy Lau a bit but he deals with it.
  • Bulla's Vehicles-They hit him every time. EVERY TIME! -_-


Race LSD Race
Gender Male
Date of birth Unknown
Height 6'0"
Weight 180 lbs
Residence His ship
Current Location Everywhere
Occupation Nothing
Allegiance None
Likes LSD, food
Dislikes Nothing really
Family Unknown
Controlled By User:Lau_Nightwing