Marshall Lane Reigen is the young son of Ted Reigen. He is a Saiyan child and currently learning martial arts from his father, among other fighting styles.


In his early days, his eyes and hair appear to be green, but they later become a light blue. He is very small in size, and also very cute. He has short but messy hair. As an infant, he constantly had a yellow pacifier in his mouth.


Marshall is a very curious and creative boy, whose best trait is his vast imagination. However, this leads to some distance between himself and others his own age, as they can't see things the way he does. Though slow to warm to others, Marshall is very loving. However, he too possesses the streak of determination that runs through the Reigen family.

Marshall's main weakness is in underestimating threats to he and his family, and he can sometimes be a bit careless, especially with details. He is clumsy and errs more often than his brothers, but is always determined to right his wrongs and prove himself a true Reigen to the core. Marshall has a great deal of pride for his family and will fight in their honor.

Marshall Reigen

-Marsh, Marshy-

Race Saiyan
Gender Male
Date of birth January 18
Height 3'5
Weight 48 lbs
Occupation Martial arts student
Allegiance Good
Likes Stuffed animals, pizza, playing, hide-and-seek, tag, sparring
Dislikes Lima beans,time-outs, asparagus, girl toys
Family Ted Reigen (father)
Controlled By Dark Seeker Kotsu