Some attributes
First Alternate Names:
  • bike
  • motorbike
Second Users:
Third Class: Vehicle
Other attributes
Motorcycles are vechicles that are commonly used by the people of Earth. 


Bulla was first seen in a motorcycle when looking for the dragonballs with Steve. Bulla owns at least three motorcycles (two now because she gave it to Steve). The first motorcycle that Bulla owns is painted white and was used to find the dragonballs. The second one was used when searching for the dragonballs again to revive Vegeta.
Cosplaying 2

Bulla (cosplaying as her mother) on her first motorcycle

It's painted yellow and it is a one wheeled bike.

The third one is now owned by Steve . It used to be white, but is now painted black with a fire design on it. The bike also looks a bit futuristic.

Steve then bought a new motorcycle it is black and red and he treats it like one of his kids 
Steves second bike

Steve's new bike


Steve's old bike