Pippels Swagpants

Pipples "Yolo Swagpants", staring at you.

Pipples "Yolo Swagpants" is the legendary character who saved the world from ultimate destruction. Basically, he's more of a fraud than Hercule.<strike>

Somehow, he made himself useful by making himself into an android and bought a donkey which he painted in a <strike>shitty color very original disguise.


He has a pink hat with golden lines which cover his eyes, long black hair, beard. He wears a purple jacket and a blue shirt. His pants are black.

Guardian of Earth

In GT, he bought time for Goku to fuse and later, his Spirit Bomb. The first time he bought two seconds by walking to Omega Shenron, slapping him and saying: "You might be cool, but I am swimming pool!" leading to a laugh and getting smacked away.

The second time he actually fought alongside his friend Karate Kareoke and his donkey, Klecktelektik. The fighting didn't last as he again, got smacked away. 

Post GT

He has since then been seen riding his donkey, Klecktelektik somewhere unknown.