Poppy Halliwell is the daughter of Wyatt Halliwell and Styx. She is part witch, part whitelighter, and part demigod. She inherited the witch and demigod powers, but very few of the whitelighter ones. She is stuck with a charge and can only orb to her charges when needed. Poppy spends her time learning at magic school with her cousins, vanquishing demons, and spending time with her relatives in Halliwell Manor. She vanquised her first demon when on a trip with her father and cousin to kill thorn demons. She comes up with a few spells that are always come to her mind at the right time.

Poppy Titiana Erza Halliwell
Poppy me
It's a life full of charm
Daughter from Hell
Dark Wiccan
Witch of the River
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth December 21st 2034
Current age 16
Gender Female
Family Wyatt Halliwell - Father

Styx - Mother Piper Halliwell - Grandmother Leo Wyatt - Grandfather Chris Halliwell - Uncle Melinda Halliwell - Aunt

Status Alive
Eye Color Yellow-Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'9
Alias Pop-Tart
Affiliation Whitelighters, The Charmed Ones, The Elders, Avatars and other Magical Beings
Weapons Styx's Touch
Species Demi-Witch-Whitelighter
Home Charmed Manor, San Francisco
Appearances The Charmed Demigods
Quests None

Poppy's First Spell:

Rivers of Styx

I call upon thee

Bring us a storm on a powerful brink

To vanquish these demons to the depths of the black sea

It vanquished the demon and made her father proud

She never met her mother, but she knew about her and always thought about what it would be like with her.


Active Powers

  • Control over Fire and Water (associated with Styx, burning water)
  • Orbing (only to charges)
  • Molecular Combustion and Immobilization
  • Astral Projection

Basic Powers

  • Scrying
  • Spell Casting
  • Brewing Potions
  • Divining
  • High Resistance


  • Book of Shadows

Spells that dance in her mind at times


Wiccans of Past days

Come back with words of power

Make them mine and ablazed


Stabbed with the ghost of a knife

Bring back what was lost in a battle of pain

Appear to us the tree of life


Let us be hidden, to set off no alarm

For we're here to vanquish these demons with

The power of a charmed


Demons in and Demons out

Great elders send something to our aid

So we shall vanquish this evil without a doubt


Evil is here

with the power of a charm

turn them to stone in leer


We need relief from this awful fright

lend us the winds of the north

to ice over this fight