Prickly Desert
Some attributes
First Location: miles away from West City
Second Description: dry,hot,sandy
Third Unknown
Other attributes
Prickly Desert is a role-play area and desert located miles away from West City. Bulla and Steve traveled there to retrieve the last Dragon Ball in an abandoned fort.


Appearance and Climate

The desert is mostly made up of sand, cacti, and rocks. The desert is huge and dry. There is rarely any water around the area. However, there is cactus juice (WARNING: the juice can cause its victim to act high). Animals like snakes, lizards, hawks, and etc. are inhabitants of the desert.

An abandoned cabin was located in the desert. Bulla and Steve stayed there for the night when Bulla lost her capsule belt (with her house capsule in it). The cabin also had a playboy bunny outfit that Bulla was forced to wear (when she lost her capsule belt with her


clothes, and the clothes she was presently wearing got dirty).