Ray is a 24-year old human from Earth, and the RP char of Hoodie. He lives quite centrally in the South City , though he has a knack of remaining unseen at most times. Currently, he's serving time in prison, mainly for acting as a decoy for his relatives to escape from the country he lived in. He was then deported to the South City prison.


Quite reserved and quiet, he is polite and friendly. Also more mature and somewhat cynical in his ways, with friends, he talks alot, a total difference from the quiet self. He can, at times be cocky and is easily angered. However, experiences has learned him to go with the flow. He prefers being alone, though he appreciates talking to someone from time to time.


Ray has long, black and backslicked hair. He has a stiched scar that runs horisontally over his nose and face, as well as blue, slightly closed eyes which gives him the appearance of being lazy. He can be seen smiling, though he is usually expressionless.



Race Human
Gender Male
Date of birth IDK
Height 5,6
Current Location Prison
Occupation Planning an escape
Allegiance Himself
Likes Classy music
Dislikes "Liquorice"