We would like for you to make an original character not copying stuff from an anime completely. We prefer to choose what your characters storyline and background is not what happened already from that anime. Make sure to add personality, gender, backstory that you made up, powers/ablities, and so on. Make sure to add an infobox. Ask any admin if you don't know how to add an infobox. All pages must be shown to and approved by the RP Curator, Maroyasha afterwards. If he is not available leave a message on his talk page.

Non-DBZ Characters

If you use a non-dbz style of character, explain which universe they came from. Since they came through the Multiversal Portals (explained in the RP Background) just tell which universe they came from, and why they left.


There are wide variety of races you and choose from and you can choose any one. Some examples are Saiyan, Human, Namekian, Demon, Pokemon species, etc.

If you are any race from DBZ besides Human, your lvl of power when starting is that of DB Goku during his fight with Piccolo Jr. at the end of the series.

Banned styles of roleplay

  • Pokemon (Unless you are one)
  • Any kind of cartoon not made in Japan or not done Anime style. If it's an american TV show but seems Anime, go to the RP curator or a trusted admin if you are questioning it.
  • Erotic (Unless you do it in PM by yourself, no one wants to see that except you and your partner)
  • Prejudiced


Once you choose a race, you can choose four starter abilities (Kamehameha, Solar Flare, Super Speed, Avatar Summon, Iron Weaver Soul Stealer, Fire Dragon's Iron Fist, etc.) to start with. Every 10 days (or two rp Arcs), you can choose another ability (Super Kamehameha, Super Masenko, Fire Dragon's Sword Horn, Rasengan, etc.)  to go with the first four. The stronger it is the more you have to wait so if you want a medium its a 12 day wait and if you want a strong it is a 18 day wait (True Kamehameha, Rasenshuriken, forms of Dragon's Slayer Secret Art, etc.) Goddmodding is NOT allowed.  Fail to follow this, you will get a punishment by an admin.

Non-DBZ character start off with four starter abilities and one intermediate ability. Or two starter and one strong. A DBZ character can have two starter and one intermediate as well, instead of 4 basic.

If another character teaches you a move it takes at least two RP sessions to learn it.

Your own abilities can be made, but you can only make one every 1 1/2 months.

On a side-note, due to confusion Ki Manipulation only includes the following: Ki Blasts, Ki Beams, Ki Barrages, Flight, and Ki Shields.

Also, Genetic abilities are automatics, they do not take up slots but must be added. Just say they are genetic in parenthesis next to them. This includes Zenaki (Saiyans), Absorption (Majins), Ki Absorption or Endless Ki (Androids), Regeneration (Namekians), and No Need For Oxygen (Arcosians/Frost Demons)

Abilities must be approved by the RP Curator or an Admin. 


You can if you want pick a transformation to start with. It must be a basic one (Great Ape/Ozaru, Half Demon, Shape Shifting Form, etc.) because of the fact new users will have the tendancy to pick transformations more powerful than everything else. Afterwards, you may pick another transformation once every 1 1/2 months or at least every 3 arcs. If you want to use fanfic abilities or transformations, you can get 2 via request every 30 days. To obtain a transformation you have to prove it though. Train, spar, do arcs. Prove that you've earned it.

But after request is approved via the RP curator or admin, it must be obtained in RP. You can not just suddenly have it in RP, you have to do an RP first. Like have something like Goku's SSJ transformation scene happen.


You can have any form of equipment, such as a scouter, sword, dragon radar or anything of the sorts. If you do though try and explain how you have it. Like if you have a car, whatever no need to explain unless it has like rocket launchers in it. But a scouter or sword, try and explain how you obtained it. Especially if you have the dragon radar, that must be borrowed and returned to whoever has it. The RP curator's character will have it at all times. But it can be granted to a user by the RP curator or any admin. If an admin or the RP curator wishes for you to remove a piece of equipment due to lack of explanation or it creates a situation of godmodding it must be removed. But if you wish to keep, try an explain where it come from or weaken it depending on the reasoning.

Acquiring Super Saiyan

Since Super Saiyan is one of the strongest transformations it will not be given out lightly. You need to appeal for it, show that you've earned it and all that. The best way to get chosen is to train a lot, participate in arcs, and so on. The RP curator and two other admins/mods will discuss if you can have Super Saiyan. If two of the three agree, then you will get Super Saiyan. But the rules for Transformations do apply to this. So you have to wait the same amount of time to request this as any other.

Hyperbolic Time Chamber

If your character does happen to train in the HTC they get certain perks. They will automatically obtain two basic and one intermediate technique(s). They will also automatically gain the ability to sense energy/ki. Finally, this isn't a perk, but you can only use the HTC a matter of three times. But it has to be at least 3 RP arcs between usage.