Roomies is a series created by Ian, Josh and Sponge. It is a sitcom centered around a group of teens in Wikia County. Each season contains 24 episodes, each seperated into three acts.


The series is a sit-com based around highschool (despite the fact Josh is in college), we meet our Protagonists, Ian, Josh and Sponge. They live together in a 3 bedroom apartment learning to cope with their lives as students and pick up knowledge and understanding along the way. However, with the three acting fairly stupid at most times, life isn't that easy.


Main characters

  • Ian - The everyman, he is skillful, has good grades and is in love with a girl. However, he has a dad that even he doesn't know about.
  • Josh - The sportsman of the group, playes every sport there is and he is strong and liked by every girl in high school.
  • Sponge - The classic shy, lovable nerd. He is very good in school, having the top GPA of 4.6, and loves to cook.
    • Abrar - Sponge's strict dad, who secretly cares for his son and friends, however does have a hatred for Ian's beer obsession.
    • Mina - The wife of Abrar, who is very caring for the three boys, however she has a distaste for Ian.

Recurring characters

  • Conner
  • Melanie
  • Sarah
  • Bulla
  • Jerrell
  • Samuel
  • Lenny
  • Steve
  • Ellie
  • John
  • Luke (LT)

Minor characters


Season 1

  1. The Pilot
  2. Meet Melanie
  3. That '70s Episode
  4. School Sucks (Part 1)
  5. Drama Class (Part 2)
  6. "I have 3 guns, U mad bro?"
  7. Sponge Gets a A-
  8. The Bully
  9. Ian Gets a Job
  10. Josh Gets a Job
  11. My Friend, Goten
  12. Ian Gets Fired (Almost)
  13. "Are You... Erected?"
  14. Suck. My. Padoodle.
  15. Dude! My Car!
  16. Sponge's Crush (Part 1)
  17. To Reject or Not Reject (Part 2)
  18. The Hippy
  19. TTYL (Talk To You Later)
  20. Battle of the Sexists
  21. Arrested
  22. Yo, Have You Met...
  24. Who Died?

Season 2

Note: Each episode title parodies a film, except for Red vs. Blue IRL.

  1. Stupid Movie
  2. The Woman in Red
  3. A Christmas Story 3
  4. Alone at Home
  5. The Not Naked Gun
  6. Steve and Bulla Go to Burger King 
  7. Obrivion
  8. Bottom Gun
  9. Fright Club
  10. Thursday the 12th Part 69: A New Beginning
  11. No Chainsaw Massacre
  12. Pysch-O
  13. Another Haunted House
  14. Red vs. Blue IRL
  15. The Necklace
  16. Finding Jeice
  17. 69 Days of Gaming
  18. I Hate You, Luke Thomas
  19. Boy Story 
  20. The Mountain Has Eyes
  21. Dragon BallZ
  22. Citizen Sponge
  23. Not Gone With the Wind
  24. The Dark Night (Not Knight)

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6

Season 7

Season 8

Season 9

Season 10: Farewell Season