South City is a giant megaopolis and is one of the major cities on Earth.

South City
Some attributes
First Planet: Earth
Second Locations:

Koakuma's House

Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Seahouse

Mama Peppeh

Third Neighboring Regions:

West City

Central City

Other attributes
Fourth Known Residents:




This city is the hometown of Koakuma; a roomate/best friend of Bulla from college. The city is described to be a 'city that never sleeps'. This city also possess the most lights out of all the cities of the world. There are also restaurants and stores at every corner. The city also has good security so crime rarely happens. The city is also very wealthy. It is one thousand miles away from West City and is located on a different island. South City owns Cocoa Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches on Earth

Known Residents


  • This city strongly resembles New York City 
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