Theodore John Kennedy Reigen is a seventeen year old Saiyan who was raised on Earth. He was adopted by his half-uncle, who is a half-human and half-Saiyan hybrid himself. 


Ted has dark hair that is short and wild, but soft in texture. His eyes are an amber color, and his skin is tan from exposure to the sun. Ted is tall and lean, with a light muscular build. He can often be seen smiling. He wears both formal and casual clothes.

As a very small child, Ted's eyes were blue when he first came to Earth, leading to the conclusion that he had the ability to manipulate the color of his eyes. This theory has not been tried yet, as Ted now only appears to have amber eyes and his blue eyes from childhood have not returned. His aunt's theory is that his eyes were slow in producing melanin.


Ted is very cheerful and happy-go-lucky. He is intelligent and a strategic genius, but he never uses his full potential unless necessary. Ted is content with the small things in life, and is fascinated by the many things to see that Earth offers. He is also very compassionate and hyperactive, and acts a bit crazy.

Ted loves to be around small children and animals, and has a natural ability to earn their trust. This may be due to Ted's good nature and his kind heart. He is extremely patient with children when teaching them, and is very caring of animals and insects.

Ted, like all Saiyans, enjoys sparring and fighting, and he is passionate about it. While attending high school to pose as a normal human, Ted participates in numerous school sports and enjoys them.

Ted can be impishly mischievous and he is also very adventurous. He has an unrivaled sort of bravery and wants to see new sights and experience new things to the fullest. He is helpful to his friends, and has an innate ability to lead. He also is known for his oratory skills and his natural knack to debate.


  • His middle namesake "John Kennedy" was inspired by 35th United States President John F. Kennedy


Theodore Reigen

-Ted Reigen

Teddy Reigen-

Race Saiyan
Gender Male
Date of birth February 24
Height 5'10
Weight 138 lbs
Residence Unknown
Current Location Unknown
Occupation Swordsman
Allegiance Good
Likes Swordplay, kendo, fencing, football, baseball, meat, pepperoni pizza, ice cream, milkshakes
Dislikes Green beans, peanut butter, caramel
Controlled By Dark Seeker Kotsu