The lobby

The 69th Bed is a hotel located in East City. The hotel is very popular and it is also a 5 star hotel.



The place is huge and owns over five thousand rooms. The rooms are pretty expensive (depends on the level you want). The maids always clean the rooms at a certain time and always leaves a mint on your pillow. They also own three restaurants (Mexican, bar, and Asian)
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A maid

downstairs near the lobby, while there's an expensive five star world class restaurant on the top floor. The places also owns many staircases and elevators to get around in

Activities and Parties

The hotel also owns a waterpark and some pools for all ages. However, the place is closed at night for kids, while guests 18+ can

The waterpark

party till 5:00 am. The place also offers a spa, party rooms, and fitness center and more. It also owns a club for dancing and drinking. You can also make reservations for any special occasions like weddings, funerals, or birthdays.
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