Winged Wolves are wolves that are equipped with wings. The most noticeable winged wolf is Bulla's lecherous pet wolf named Drake.



Legend has it that these wolves are decedents of angels, because of their wings and divine like powers, although these wolves are lecherous so their purity is not from angels.


Winged Wolves strongly resemble regular wolves, except they're equipped with wings. The fur comes in many colors like gray,brown,white, and tan. This trait also applies for their eyes. Their wings however, are all white except for alpha wolves, their wings are gold.


Winged Wolves are very prideful, but they're know to be very loyal to their families (which make them great pets). The wolves do get tantrums at times when they're angry. They're also quite perverted (especially Drake). Drake is shown to be the opposite of a good pack leader


Winged Wolves usually live in the mountains, they live in the tundra areas, because of their warm fur. They can also adapt to human houses and make loyal pets. They also like to live in areas with a lot of water. They even built a small town called Howl Village ,Drake's home town.


Winged Wolves are carnivorous, but Drake is shown to eat apples everyday and drink coffee. They also will munch on any garbage when they see it.

Known Winged Wolves

  • Drake